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Forensic and Supportive Services (FSS)

Multidisciplinary team members (also known as Child Protection Team (CPT) partners) initiate and authorize a Forensic Interview and/or Medical Exam.  Services are offered in English and Spanish (and other languages through interpretation) to evaluate and treat children and youth who have experienced a potentially traumatic event to support their recovery.

Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviews are conducted by professionals who have special training and experience in talking with children. The Forensic Interviewer’s goal is to gather factual, comprehensive information that will help investigating agencies (Law Enforcement, Child Welfare Services, etc.) determine next steps in the investigation.  Forensic Interviews are scheduled at the request of the investigating agency and are conducted in a child-friendly interview room. All forensic interviews are recorded and are observed by the members of the MDT in a separate room.

Family Advocacy

The FSS Family Advocate supports victims, witnesses and their families.  The Family Advocate ensures victims are treated fairly and that their voices are heard.  The Advocate helps the victim and their family members receive the necessary information on resources and services, including, but not limited to:

    • Assistance with the Victims of Crime (VOC) application and claim process
    • Support during Forensic Interviews and Medical Exams
    • Referrals to counseling and community resources
    • Referral to general support services

Short-Term Early Intervention Therapy

The Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI) is a program designed to help families with children and adolescents ages 7-18 exposed to various types of potentially traumatic events, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse, domestic violence, community violence, etc.  CFTSI is designed to be brief, lasting approximately 6-8 sessions and focuses on providing skills to help children and families talk about and cope with the difficult feelings that sometimes come up after a traumatic event has occurred.  Referrals to longer-term treatment is available as needed.

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