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Trauma-Informed Mental Health Assessment Process: Resource Guide


Comprehensive Trauma-Informed MH Assessment Process Slides 5 Approaches to Using Measurement in Children’s MH Systems

Assessment Tool Resources

Standardized Measurement Tools for Children’s MH Table

National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Trauma-Informed Mental Health Assessment 

National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Assessing Complex Trauma

Sexual Health Assessment Resources

Sexual Health is a relatively new concept to be considered in working with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. Much of the current information that we have has focused on older adolescents and adults. Nonetheless we believe this is an important area of exploration and support for the youth that we serve. The following links provide several examples of sexual health being incorporated into an overall assessment of a client. When considering these concepts it is always important to adjust the questions to reflect developmentally appropriate language and situations.